At St. Helen we attempt to remain as flexible as possible, the normal schedule for Baptisms is the first and third Sundays of the month at 12:00 p.m. for private Baptisms or at any of the Masses. We realize that with your schedules those times may not be the best, if they do not fit your schedule please call the rectory (440.564.5805) to make arrangements.

All Baptisms require that the parents and sponsors attend an information class prior to the Baptism of your first child. The classes are held twice a year, once every six months at St. Helen although you can attend a class at any other parish in the diocese. See the calendar or bulletin for the dates at St. Helen.

The arrangements for the date and time are coordinated through the parish office (440.564.5805) and must be made at least three weeks prior to your chosen date. You can request a specific celebrant however scheduling a date will be influenced by the priests schedule.

Please review the criteria for sponsors prior to choosing them, it may help prevent some embarrassing moments. Your chosen sponsor/s (God Parent/s), if not a member of St. Helen, will be require to produce a sponsors certificate from their home parish prior to your child's Baptism. If the sponsor certificate is not available at the time of Baptism the ceremony may not be performed.

For further information about children in school that have not yet been Baptized and would like to make their First Communion please call the PSR Office 440.564.7125 (X-13)